Jul 3, 2020

Freelancing in India: things to know before you start.

By Ashish Patel
2 min read

As a developer I would like to share quite a few experience, when it comes to freelancing in India. I'm here to share my thoughts and views.

First thing first which applies for all freelancer no matter from which country you are, is that you have to be sure that are you ready to provide quality and industry standard work. Because when you were working on real-world projects it's not just about "getting" the job done you should also take care that it is getting done in the right manner. There is alot more difference than working on a blogging project for your school than a real world blogging platform. You need to take care of quite a few essential things like security, usability, reliability and UI / UX. So You have to make sure that you are industry ready for this job. Afterall, the stunning idea is to provide "quality work" to your clients .

Freelancing in India

In India IT jobs are allready under paid, and freelancing is not an exception. In India freelancing still growing and most of the time you will feel that it is underpaid. But its not totally the case everytime. There are clients which just except quality work from you and they are ready to spent good amount of money for that. So that's why I told you earlier that you should be ready to provide quality work. You can even get foreign clients and they can pay a good amount of money.

One more thing you should be focusing when you are just start starting you work as a freelancer, is that at the beginning you should not be focusing too much on the money you are getting, you should be focusing on providing quality work everytime because thats the thing which makes your local connections very strong which then results you in more genuine clients.

Things to remember

Freelacing is damn business, its not a job of 8 hours. You should be ready to work you ass off, whenever its required. Time is also very important that you finish projects within a good amount of time. And one more serious advice that you should never stop learning, you are doing freelacing and earning money its good. But you should keep track of new technologies and keep updated yourself with good tech stack.

That's me signing off for now, see you in the next one. Do leave a like.