Aug 29, 2020

My programming journey from LOGO to LARAVEL

By Ashish Patel
4 min read

So let's start from the very beginning, the first program I wrote was not a Hello world program. It was a LOGO program I written when I was in the 5th standard in my school. If you don't know about LOGO it is a graphic oriented language. Since after this I jumped into GWBASIC, which was designed to teach programming, it has got all the great beginner stuff to play with like variables, conditions, loops, and more. After trying some hands-on GWBASIC, I quite started loving programming.

When I was in the 6th standard I joined computer classes to learn more in programming. I learned C and C++ programming by the time I was in the 9th standard. I was enjoying programming by creating some small apps, games, drawing patterns, and graphics. But still, one thing I was not focusing while programming was Object-Oriented Programming. I wasn't aware of how important this thing is.

At the end of the 9th standard, I left my computer class as my board exams were near. After 10th, when I was in 11th. I opted for Computer Science. I have got C++ in the syllabus, I was doing good in it as far is things were easy, but as we reached the OOPs concept, I started struggling. At that time I realized that I made a big mistake not giving importance to Object-Oriented Programming. But I was loaded with heavy syllabus I just somehow cleared my 12th. The past 3 years (10th 11th 12th) weren't great for me as a learner.

Then I started with Computer Science Engineering. After joining college I stared enhancing my skills with OOPs. I was practicing with C++, python and Java. But it was all about learning and I was still not working as a developer. In my 2nd semester of my engineering my interest got into the ethical hacking, I worked with Kali Linux whole semester but at the end I started loosing interests. My first year of engineering got over and I was still not sure about my path.

Second year started. One day my classmate Abhishek given me a work to design a website in Photoshop and I did a quite good job in it. Then I asked him like how websites gets developed ? He told me that using basic HTML / CSS stuff. Then I started on YouTube by learning HTML / CSS / Bootstrap and took me quite while to learn these. Then I built the very first version of my portfolio and made it live.

Here is the Landing section or that portfolio.

Blog Embed Image

While developing my portfolio, I also came to know about JavaScript. Then after building my portfolio I started learning JavaScript. In the beginning, I was struggling as it was quite different from other languages I learned earlier. Then after learning a bit of JavaScript I stared building Navbars, sliders, and Image viewer. This was the time when I got the idea of building my first JavaScript plugin and I started working on an image viewer plugin and it came out quite good but not usable for real-world application.

By this time I was in about starting my third year

After this, I started learning PHP. Because my portfolio was super static at that time and I wanted to make it dynamic. Php was always been a good friend from starting, it was very close to C++. Within one week of learning, I built a multi-user login system with roles. I was super motivated at that time. Then I started building small websites with custom CMS. At that time I came to know about react.js and I got quite impressed with it. I left everything and started learning react.js and I built a Werther application. But yes let me be honest I was struggling again with react. So I decided to quit leading react. Then I stared sharping up my JavaScript knowledge and started working on a usable JavaScript plugin with all the advanced concepts of JavaScript. And I came out with ZoomBox. And guess what I built this during my exams. Some of my exams got postponed so I decided to update my portfolio with dynamic stuff. This time I was using Adobe XD for designing purposes. And I updated my portfolio which is the one you are currently seeing.

After this, I started freelancing and I built a website for my friend as a first freelancing project. After this I was ready for frameworks and libraries, I learned LARAVEL which is a PHP framework and used it with my biggest project I had so far. Currently, I'm learning react.js and node.js. and the learning journey is quite smooth and pleasing after getting the great concepts of JavaScript.

I never wanted to be limited as only front end developer or only backend developer. That's why I choose Full Stack development. You read this blog so far. Let me know by hitting the like button below.

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