Apr 27, 2020

Want to learn PHP ? Best resources to learn PHP programming language.

By Ashish Patel
1 min read

Believe it or not after 26 years of its official launch, it is one of the major and must learn programming languages for backend and full stack developers. Today I will talk about how to learn PHP and best free resources, to get the right thing.

Php official documentation

People hate reading online documentation while learning new languages, but trust me if you do not dive deeper into documentation of any languages, you will not get the things right. The official documentation of php is available at php.net, and so far I found this documentation very useful, and honestly speaking it is the best documentation I ever read in my entire life. Everything is sorted and settled in this documentation, they have example for each topic.

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YouTube resources

Travercy Media : Hosted by Brad Travercy, is one of the greatest web development tutor of all time. Is the one I prefer you the most, you can learn literally anything related to web development over here.

mmtutes : If you are not too much proficient into programming, this is the channel which teaches from scratch. It has got some Php projects to work with. And they just started uploading thier updated PHP cource.

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What you should do?

The best way of learning any new language, is that by making real life projects. This will give a better practice and command in that particular language. Don't be scare that how bad you are going to build projects, trust me "an expert was once a beginner". Don't be like I have to complete this language within this period of time. No! this is not the right thing you should do, you should learn by practicing!

PHP Developer Hourly Rate Calculator

That's me signing off for today ! Happy Coding !